As Things Turn

Dear everyone,

The last two weeks have been full for us here at the vihara, where besides the regular routine we’ve had talks and workshops at CIMC and Northeastern University and in Arlington, Concord, Gloucester, Brattleboro VT and Hanover NH. We were happy to meet new friends in all these places, particularly those associated with Vermont Insight and Valley Insight, who, all being well, may become our Dhamma neighbors to the north and west – since we now hope to return to New England next year to the previously mentioned property in Temple, NH.

As the weather turns and the air becomes crisp and clear, so too our way forward is becoming clearer. Our searches this summer for a site for a potential monastery turned up nothing nearly as suitable, all factors considered, as this quite special farm-cum-forest in Temple. Jeta Grove has been speaking with the owners, Bruce and Barbara Kantner, about possible ways forward, and we have asked the Elders’ Council in Europe (the communal decision-making body for Ajahn Sumedho’s branch monasteries) for permission to proceed. As there is not enough money for a purchase at this point, we may look to begin by renting. We will keep you posted.

For any of you wishing to see the property and walk the land the Kantners have invited us and those interested in the project for a day to gather at the property on Saturday Oct. 26, when everyone’s welcome to come and see the site. (In fact they are very welcoming generally of visits at other times too – if you’d like to visit the property at a different time, contact us and we can help arrange this.) This will also be an opportunity to meet Ajahn Viradhammo, who will be driving down from his monastery in Ontario. He will join us for the day in Temple, and will be there for the meal and time we walk the land together, before we all travel down to Allston where he will take part and give a Dhamma Talk at the Offering Ceremony the next day

It’s been inspiring to witness the arising of interest and opportunity here during these past months. Please do join us on these occasions, and for any other events here at the vihara or elsewhere during our last few weeks in Boston.

All blessings,
 Jayanto Bhikkhu


Sunday Workshop, The Arlington Center

Sunday Workshop, The Arlington Center

The Kataññuta Group based in Malaysia has very generously sent us five palettes of free-distribution Dhamma books. Here Anagarika John and a neighbor help receive the shipment.