The interrelationship between the monastic and lay communities in Theravada Buddhism is based upon mutual respect and caring for the spiritual well-being of all. To encourage this, the Buddha required monks and nuns to live dependent for their material welfare on free-will offerings.

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Ways to help

There are many ways to get involved if you’re interested in contributing – whether by lending a hand at the monastery, or assisting with administrative tasks, or by offering food or other requisites – the best way of all being by joining in the practice of the Dhamma.



To stay in touch with needs and opportunities that arise you can subscribe to the mailing list for periodic updates by email, or to the RSS feed for news items as they’re posted – and for a comprehensive ‘help needed’ list, check this web page as we update it with opportunities to lend a hand.

Scroll down for a ‘Dana List’ of items currently needed or useful, and for other ways to help.  



All activities, teachings, and offerings from the monastic community are freely offered to everyone without any expectation of material ‘returns’ such as donations. Your participation in whatever way – especially your interest in learning and practicing the Buddha’s teachings – is always what is most helpful and appreciated.

At the same time, for those of you wishing to know what would be helpful to the project of establishing this forest monastery in New England, financial contributions are needed for the new monastery to cover its expenses and survive.

The lay ‘steward’ organization for the Sangha which is responsible for the project is Jeta Grove Foundation. Donations for taking care of the monastic community and contributing to operating and developing the monastery should be given to them. Information about how to contribute financially, including an online donation facility, can be found on the Jeta Grove website: .

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What’s Needed


Dana List

(Last updated 2019-11-11)

Currently useful:


  • WaterBrick water storage containers (both: Large> and Small>)

  • Hand brush (for dustpan)

  • Storage boxes (both: Example > and Link >)

  • Seven Forests “Ilex 15” medicine (Example >)

  • Squatty Potties (adjustable, Example >)

  • Herbal (non-caffeinated) teas


  • Fruit juice

  • Coconut oil (Example >)

  • Almond butter/tahini

  • Almond milk

There are often larger, more specific items the monastery could use – some are listed below. Please feel free to contact the monastery to ask about them or additional items we could use:

  • Muck Boots – Mid-height: LINK >
    Sizes: from 9–14

  • Steel Utility carts (both: Link > and Link >)

  • Kindle Paperwhites (for sutta study)

  • DeWalt DCBL772X1 battery leaf blower LINK >

Monk-colored warm jackets for future monks (these were offered to the monks at our recent Kathina, and since it is rare to find the right color for these items, we could use a few more for future and visiting monks):

  • REI Co-op Groundbreaker Rain Jacket: LINK >
    Color: RUSTIC GOLD
    Sizes: All sizes but particularly Large, Small, XXL

  • North Face Cervas jacket: LINK > | LINK > | LINK >
    Sizes: All sizes but particularly Large, Small, XL

Items for kutis:

We have enough or too much of the following:

  • Bottled water

  • Coffee

  • Tea light candles

  • Rice

  • Toilet paper

  • Toothbrushes & toothpaste

  • Soap bars



The monastic community welcomes anyone who’d like to help out with the various jobs and maintenance work we encounter, as well as administrative tasks. If you’re interested in offering help of some kind please email our volunteers coordinator, at:

Do also feel free to come for breakfast (7 a.m.) and the work meeting (7.30 a.m.) on Wednesday–Sunday mornings, to join in with our daily working meditation.

It’s probably best to contact the monastery beforehand, especially if you have specific skills to offer. Call us or email at:

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