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Ordination Ceremonies – August 25


On Sunday, August 25 we will hold an ordination ceremony for two candidates asking for entrance into the monastic order. Samanera Jino, a novice, will take upasampada to become a bhikkhu (monk), and concurrently Anagarika Andy, a postulant, will take pabbajja to become a samanera (novice).

Luang Por Viradhammo (who will act as preceptor in the ceremony) and Ajahn Khemasiri (formerly abbot of Dhammapala monastery in Switzerland) will be visiting from Tisarana monastery in Canada.

All are welcome. Please also join us for the daily meal offering at 11am if you wish. The ceremony will begin at 1pm.

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The Rains Retreat (Vassa) has begun and there are fourteen monastic community members at Temple this year. Please join us in the usual ways: to attend evening and morning pujas, the Saturday evening Dhamma Talk, the Sunday afternoon Meditation Workshop, coming to the daily meal offerings, working on morning projects with the sangha, quietly meditating, or staying overnight and engaging in these things as a guest.

The Kathina will be held this year on Sunday, October 20. And there will be an ordination ceremony on Sunday, August 25. As always, all are welcome.

Biography of Ajahn Chah

Stillness Flowing is a biography of Ajahn Chah authored by Ajahn Jayasaro, and published last year in a large hard-cover edition which is available for free distribution at the monastery. You are also welcome to download it as an e-book in any of the formats below.

This important work details the life and teachings of Ajahn Chah and has been in the making for over two decades. This biography is based on the 1993 Thai biography of Luang Por Chah entitled Upalamani which was also authored by Ajahn Jayasaro. It includes translations from Upalamani, in particular many of the anecdotes and reminiscences of Luang Por’s disciples, Dhamma Talks, and descriptions of the training he recieved and developed for his monastic communities, as well as a significant amount of added social, cultural, historical, and doctrinal information to provide context to an audience that may be unfamiliar with Thai culture and its Buddhist heritage.

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