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What’s Happening:

The Vassa, or “Rains Retreat”, has ended, our Kathina took place on October 20, and from now until the end of the year the monastery will be operating as usual with our normal routine. As always, you are welcome to join us.

Winter Retreat Support Opportunity

The monastic community’s annual three-month Winter Retreat will take place from the beginning of January through the end of March. This will be a period of silent retreat for the monks, with no short term overnight guests as well as no Sunday meditation workshops between January 1 and April 1. These three months of the year have come to serve an important function in our Western branch monasteries, providing a time where the Sangha is able to put many activities down and have an extended period reserved for formal meditation practice.

To facilitate this, it is helpful to have a small group of laypeople stay at the monastery in order to support the monastic community’s retreat. Ideally these people will have stayed at the monastery before, and be able to stay for the full three months (or at least for one month). While serving to take care of the basic kitchen and building maintenance tasks (wood stacking, shoveling, cleaning, etc.), those serving to support the Winter Retreat would join in with group practice periods. There will also be much unstructured solitary time to use to further one’s practice. Therefore they should be experienced in staying in a silent retreat atmosphere, and comfortable with solitude.

We have a few more spaces available this coming winter if you are interested in supporting the Sangha in this way by helping with meal preparation, shoveling, cleaning, etc. from January 1–April 1. Please send us an email at contact@jetagrove.us.

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2020/2563 Forest Sangha Calendar

Next year’s Forest Sangha Calendar has not yet arrived at the monastery; however, the digital version is available for download, in low and high resolution versions.

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