Day to Gather and See the Temple Property – Saturday, Oct. 26

Pond at Derbyshire Farm in Temple, NH

Everyone interested in the potential new monastery is invited to join Ajahn Jayanto, Tan Caganando and special guest Luang Por Viradhammo (abbot of Tisarana Monastery) to see the farm and forest that make up the site in Temple, NH, where – all going well – they hope to be able to make a start at establishing a monastery by living there next year. The very supportive owners, Bruce and Barbara Kantner, will be our hosts. Please bring a packed lunch, perhaps with some to share. We will eat together from 11–12, then wander the large site including some of the forest in the early afternoon. The monks hope to head back to Boston around mid-afternoon. All are welcome. (Rides may be available from Boston – please let us know if you need a ride or have space in your vehicle to offer one.)


Saturday, October 26

10–11 a.m. Arrive
11 a.m. Meal for the monks (bring packed lunches)
12 p.m. Walk the property together (bring good shoes)
3 p.m. Depart


32 Derbyshire Ln, Temple, New Hampshire, 03084

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