Pa Bah Offering Ceremony – Sunday Oct. 27

Our friends Tu and Ni at the Brown Sugar Restaurant wish to invite all of the friends and supporters of the forest monastery project – and anyone who would like to come – to join us for a celebration and alms-giving ceremony to mark the end of the three-month ‘Rains Retreat’ period – and the end of the period the monks will be here this year in Boston. This will be an opportunity to say goodbye to Ajahn Jayanto and Tan Caganando and Anagarika John, as the monks will be returning to their monasteries a few days later. Their hope is to return next year to begin to establish a new monastery – this will be an occasion to hear more about this and how to support the effort for those interested.

We will be honored to have Luang Por Viradhammo, abbot of Tisarana Monastery in Canada, as our senior guest for the day. Ajahn Viradhammo is one of the most senior Western disciples of Ajahn Chah, and a respected teacher in the monastic community.  He will offer a Dhamma Talk (time to be announced) and be available after the proceedings for those who wish to meet him. Stay tuned, we’ll have more details on the schedule for the day to be announced soon.

Everyone is welcome – please join us!

Where: St. Luke’s and St. Margaret’s Church, 5 St. Luke’s Rd., Allston, Boston, MA 02134

When: Sunday, October 27, 10 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.
 (Specific details on the schedule for the day coming soon)

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