Help Needed to Store Dhamma Books

We are looking for volunteers to help store boxes of free-distribution Dhamma books for approx. one year. Generous supporters in Asia have been kind enough to produce and ship thousands of Dhamma books which can be available for distribution in our temporary vihara and, hopefully, the future monastery over the coming years. As the monks will be leaving at the end of October – to return sometime in the middle of next year – they need help storing all these books.

If you have room in a (relatively dry) basement or attic etc. and think you can take a few boxes, please let us know. Over 200 boxes will arrive in about two weeks, and we are gathering names of volunteers to coordinate it all.

Email :

or call : 617-510-8051

We are also looking for people with good backs who might be free to help us move these boxes. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to lend a hand (date to be determined).