Short-term rentals available next door

North Duplex, Derbyshire Ln., Temple, NH, 03084

Update from Jeta Grove:

(PLEASE NOTE: The following rental opportunities would be a separate, private arrangement with the owners, unconnected to staying as a guest at the monastery. It's simply a chance to ‘live next door’.)

Two rental opportunities are being offered by the current owners of the Temple, New Hampshire property that is proposed for a new monastery in Ajahn Chah’s Thai Forest Tradition. After July 1st, the monks will be renting an adjacent property, so there’s the opportunity to be close to the new monastery at this early stage in its development. Here is the owners’ description of the two rental units: 

Duplexes for rent on beautiful, peaceful setting on hilltop field facing Pack and N. Pack Monadnock Mountains. Six minute walk to monastery where monks arrive on July 1st. Simple, functional structures, separated from each other by owners’ storage room. Lightly furnished or bring your own. Internet service. Available 1 June 2014 to 31 May 2015. Rent negotiable for 1 week to 12 months. People may share. (Option to help explore possible mindful cohousing elsewhere in neighborhood.) Contact Bruce or Barbara Kantner: 603-654-2523,

North Duplex: 1,800 sq ft. First floor (linoleum on concrete): entrance + dining room + kitchen (one long room); washer/dryer area; 1/2 bathroom; full bathroom (with tub); living room with outside back door to fields; two bedrooms each with closet; small study. Second floor: one large 24’x24’ room with knee walls.

South Duplex: 1,200 sq ft. First floor (pine & linoleum): large entrance; kitchen; dining room; living room with picture window; small bedroom without closet. Second floor: stair hallway; bedroom; bathroom with shower. Reserved August-December.

Please contact Bruce or Barbara for rental rates and other questions: 

Bruce & Barbara Kantner: 603–654–2523,


Looking for a lawyer

Jeta Grove is looking for legal assistance in reviewing non-profit incorporation documents for the State of Massachusetts. In addition to reviewing the bylaws for Jeta Grove Foundation, we will need to set up a second non-profit for the monastic community, along the lines of Abhayagiri Monastic Foundation.

This process will need to closely involve Ajahn Jayanto and the monastic community, and therefore probably wouldn’t take place until the monks arrive this summer.

If you have the necessary qualifications, or know a of lawyer who may be interested in helping in this way, please let us know via the Contact page.


Jeta Grove receives tax-exemption

The Jeta Grove board members are pleased to share the good news that Jeta Grove Foundation received its 501(c)(3) classification from the IRS on 14 December 2012. Jeta Grove Foundation has been classified as a Public Charity, so financial contributions are tax deductible for U.S. tax payers. The exemption status is retroactive to December 29, 2011 – so any donations that have been made to Jeta Grove after that day are tax deductible.

More information about Jeta Grove can be found on the Jeta Grove website.