Ajahn Candasiri visits Temple Forest Monastery


Over the next few weeks we will be honored by visits from several senior monks and nuns, including Ajahn Sumedho, Ajahn Sucitto, and Ajahn Candasiri. From May 23–27 one of the first and most senior nuns in our community, Ajahn Candasiri, will be staying at the monastery. Ajahn Candasiri is the abbot of Milntuim Hermitage for nuns in Scotland. She has been able to accept our standing invitation to visit Temple Forest Monastery as part of a longer North American trip she is taking this spring to visit relatives in Canada as well as two monasteries there: Satisaraniya and Tisarana. She will be returning to the UK after her time at Temple.

Ajahn Candasiri will offer the Dhamma Talk on Saturday evening, May 25 (7–9pm), and the meditation workshop on Sunday May 26 (1–3pm). She should also be at the monastery for the daily 11am meal on May 24–26, and available afterwards to speak with guests. As always, everyone is welcome to come for any of these events.

From her bio page on the Amaravati website:

Ajahn Candasiri was born in Scotland in 1947 and was brought up as a Christian. After university she trained and worked as an occupational therapist, mainly in the field of mental illness. In 1977, an interest in meditation led her to meet Ajahn Sumedho, shortly after his arrival from Thailand. Inspired by his teachings and example, she began her monastic training at Chithurst as one of the first four anagārikās.

Within the monastic community she has been actively involved in the evolution of the nuns’ Vinaya training. She has guided many meditation retreats for lay people, and particularly enjoys teaching young people and participating in Christian/Buddhist dialogue.

In 2015, Ajahn Candasiri established Milntuim Hermitage in Scotland, where she now normally resides.