Respected Senior Thai Monks to Visit – July 3–11

From July 3–11 Temple Forest Monastery will be honored to host a visit by the abbot of Ajahn Chah’s main monastery in Thailand, Wat Pah Pong: Ajahn (or “Luang Por”) Liem. He will be accompanied by Ajahn Jundee, who was a young monk with Ajahn Chah and is now abbot of a well known monastery called Wat Pah Ampawan.

Many of you may remember that Luang Por Liem and Luang Por Jundee were here for the monastery’s opening ceremony in June, 2015. They will be visiting Temple with a number of other monks after being part of the inauguration of the Reception Hall at Abhayagiri Monastery in California.

Left to right: Luang Por Jundee, Ajahn Jayanto, Luang Por Liem, Ajahn Seksan – at Temple in 2015