June Events

Warm greetings from Temple,

Things are going well here as we move into the warmth of late spring.

It has been quite a while since we updated those of you on our mailing list, and here on the website news page. Our apologies! Therefore this is the first of several updates we will be sending out over the coming week, so as not to overwhelm you with information in one long post.

First of all, we’d like to invite you to join us for two special events in June. We will be honored with visits from two respected senior monks, Tan Ajahn Dtun from June 10–14, and Luang Por Pasanno from June 15–20. They will each offer a Dhamma Talk here at the monastery on Sunday June 12 and June 19 respectively. Please see below for more details:

Sunday, June 12: Dhamma Talk offered by Ajahn Dtun

Temple Forest Monastery is honored to receive a visit from Venerable Ajahn Dtun, a respected disciple of Ven. Ajahn Chah, under whom many monks have trained at his forest monastery in Chonburi Province, Thailand. Tan Ajahn Dtun will be accompanied by Ajahn Tejapanyo, an English monk who will translate from Thai into English as Ajahn Dtun gives his talk. The talk will begin at 1 p.m., and will replace the regular meditation workshop on that day. Meeting Ajahn Dtun is a special opportunity, and everyone is very welcome to attend. (Come earlier for the meal at 11 if you wish, or come before the talk at 1. It’s a good idea to arrive by 12.30 in case parking is farther from the sala than usual.)

Tan Ajahn Dtun

Tan Ajahn Dtun

11 a.m. Meal offering with reflections
1–3 p.m. Dhamma Talk (Likely outdoors: please bring an umbrella if it’s raining.)

Sunday, June 19: Ordination (Upasampada) Ceremony and Dhamma Talk offered by Ajahn Pasanno

Jetavana/Temple Forest Monastery will likewise be honored to receive a visit from Ven. Ajahn Pasanno, the abbot of Abhayagiri Monastery in California. Luang Por Pasanno will be kind enough to facilitate a monk (bhikkhu) ordination ceremony, called an upasampadā, at Temple by acting as preceptor (upajjhāya) for our novice, Samanera Sunyo. This will mark an important stepping stone not only for our new bhikkhu candidate Sunyo, but also for the monastery itself, as it will be the first bhikkhu ordination to take place here – for us, a somewhat historic event. Samanera Sunyo is from Westford, MA, and has completed his novice training over the past two years here since arriving at Temple with Ajahn Jayanto in July 2014. Throughout the ceremony Luang Por Pasanno will offer explanatory reflections, as well as a short Dhamma Talk afterwards. Everyone is very welcome to attend. (Come earlier for the meal at 10.30 if you wish, or come before the ceremony at 1. It’s a good idea to arrive 30 mins. early in order to park and walk over to the site.)

Luang Por Pasanno

Luang Por Pasanno

10–10.30 a.m. Arrive
10.45 a.m. Rice Pindapat (Offering rice into the monks’ bowls.)
11 a.m. Meal offering
1–3 p.m. Upasampada Ordination Ceremony & Dhamma Talk (Outdoors: please bring an umbrella if it’s raining.)