Dhamma Talk and Novice Ordination – Saturday, June 27

Please join us at the monastery on Saturday, June 27, for a meal offering at 11 a.m. with the visiting senior monks from Thailand and Tisarana: Luang Por Liem, Luang Por Viradhammo and Luang Por Jundee; and/or for a Dhamma Talk which will be offered by Luang Por Jundee at 1 p.m.; and/or for a Going Forth (pabbajja) ceremony at 2 p.m. – where Anagarika Zack will become a novice monk (samanera).

This is a special opportunity to meet the visiting monks and to witness Anagarika Zack’s Going Forth “from home to homelessness”.

Do join us on this day (and/or the next day) –everybody is welcome.


11 a.m. – Meal Offering
1 p.m. – Dhamma Talk offered by Luang Por Jundee
2 p.m. – Pappajja (Novice ‘Going Forth’ Ordination)
3 p.m. – End