Moon Day Dhamma Talks

Along with the evening pujas which take place every night from 7– 8 p.m. (unless the monks are away) , there are also weekly Dhamma Talks offered by Ajahn Jayanto on the ‘Moon Days’ after the usual 7 p.m. chanting and meditation, usually between 8 and 8.45 p.m. Everyone’s very welcome. These dates change according to the traditional lunar calendar – please check the Events Calendar; they are also listed below. You can also find the moon day calendar on this website, or download a PDF of the 2013 moon days here:

Moon Days Calendar (download PDF)

Moon Days when a Dhamma Talk will be given at the vihara:

Wed. Aug. 14
Wed. Aug. 21
Thurs. Aug. 29
Wed. Sep. 4
Thurs. Sep. 12
Thurs. Sep. 19
 Friday Oct. 4
Sat. Oct. 12
Sat. Oct. 19
Sun. Oct. 27