Asalha Puja and Precepts Ceremony

Monday, July 22 is Asalha Puja, one of the more important days on the Buddhist calendar, and the day before the monastic community enters the traditional three-month Rains Retreat, or Vassa. There will be an evening puja at the vihara, from 7–9.30 p.m., which will include some traditional chanting, group meditation and a Dhamma Talk. There will also be a Precepts-taking Ceremony for Jeff Miller, who will become an anagarika, or postulant, for the six-week period he will be staying with the monks and helping at the vihara.

You are welcome to join us for the evening – though please call the vihara or email (via the Contact page) in advance to let us know you are coming so that we have an idea of the numbers (thanks!).