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Forest Sangha Publications – As of 2016 this website has been folded into, and makes available many audio and e-book downloads from disciples of Ajahn Chah. Dhamma Talks, chanting, e-books (as well as printed books), calendars and more. Also accessible via these shorter URLs: and


Other monastery websites have a variety of resources available, such as the Amaravati and Abhayagiri websites, and many of those listed on the community portal site:


Access To Insight makes available an enormous amount of Theravada Buddhist textual material, including translated discourses of the Buddha and many books from teachers in the Thai forest tradition as well as material from the Buddhist Publication Society. offers downloads of Dhamma Talks, books and essays by Ajahn Thanissaro of Metta Forest Monastery in various audio and text formats.


The Forest Dhamma website offers books and audio teachings by Ajahn Maha Boowa and Ajahn Paññavaddho in English and other languages.



Associated monasteries



Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery – A large branch monastery in California, the first to be established in North America. Abbot: Ajahn Pasanno.


Pacific Hermitage – A branch of Abhayagiri in the Pacific Northwest. Abbot: Ajahn Sudanto.


Temple Forest Monastery (Jetavana) – An emerging branch monastery in Temple, New Hampshire. Abbot: Ajahn Jayanto.




Tisarana Buddhist Monastery – A branch monastery in Perth, Ontario. Abbot: Ajahn Viradhammo.


Arrow River Forest Hermitage – A small, related hermitage in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Abbot: Ajahn Punnadhammo.


Sitavana (Birken Forest Monastery) – A related monastery and retreat center in British Columbia. Abbot: Ajahn Sona.




Amaravati Buddhist Monastery – The main monastery in England, with communities of monks and nuns, and a retreat center. Founded by Ajahn Sumedho. Abbot: Ajahn Amaro.


Cittaviveka (Chithurst Buddhist Monastery) – The first Ajahn Chah forest monastery outside of Thailand. Founded by Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho, with communities of monks and nuns. Abbot: Ajahn Karuniko.


Aruna Ratanagiri (Harnham Buddhist Monastery) – A branch monastery in Northumberland, near the Scottish border. Abbot: Ajahn Munindo.


Hartridge Buddhist Monastery – A small branch in the Devon countryside. Abbot: Ajahn Jutindharo.


The Forest Hermitage (Wat Pah Santidhamma) – A small branch of Wat Pah Pong in Warwickshire, England. Abbot: Ajahn Khemadhammo.




Dhammapala Kloster – A branch in Switzerland. Main languages are German and English. Annual newsletters are also produced in French and Thai. Abbot: Ajahn Khemasiri.


Santacittarama Monastero – A branch in Italy. Three main languages – with language-specific websites in Italian, Thai, and English. Abbot: Ajahn Chandapalo.


The Portuguese Vihara (Sumedharama) – An emerging branch monastery near Lisbon, Portugal. Abbot: Ajahn Vajiro


Muttodaya Waldkloster – A loosely related forest monastery in Germany, with websites in German, English and Thai. Abbot: Ajahn Cattamalo.




Wat Nong Pah Pong – Ajahn Chah’s monastery in Ubon Rajathani, Thailand. This is the main monastery for the Ajahn Chah community. The website is in Thai. Abbot: Ajahn Liem.


Wat Pah Nanachat – The ‘International Forest Monastery’. Wat Pah Nanachat was established by Ajahn Chah, who asked Ajahn Sumedho to be the first abbot. Located a few miles from Wat Pah Pong, it is the main monastery in Thailand for Western monks in the Ajahn Chah community. Abbot: Ajahn Kevali.


Wat Marp Jan – A branch in Rayong Province, which also accepts Westerners who wish to become monks. Abbot: Ajahn Anan.