A Monastery Takes Shape


Derbyshire Farm – part of the property for sale in Temple, NH (click image to expand)


What’s Happening

In July this year Ajahn Jayanto and Ajahn Anando, two monks from Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, as well as Tan Saddhammo, a monk from Wat Pah Nanachat, took up residence on part of the property in Temple, NH which supporters hope can be purchased as a site for a monastery in the tradition of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho.

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During the summer of 2013, two monks of the Ajahn Chah tradition – Ajahn Jayanto and Ven. Caganando – were invited to stay in Boston in order to explore the possibilities for establishing a branch monastery of their community in New England.

Interest and support proved high – and the opportunity has now arisen to purchase a beautiful, secluded, yet accessible property eminently suitable for a forest monastery in Temple, New Hampshire (near Peterborough).

Supporters are presently working towards a purchase by contributing funds in the form of donations or pledges of private loans. In the meantime, the monks have taken up residence on the property – the owners themselves wish to contribute to the project and have reduced the purchase price as well as allowed us to begin by renting part of the site. 

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Visiting the Monastery

Adapted from the recent update:

We are happy to receive day visitors and overnight guests at the monastery. (The time to come during the day is around the meal-offering time [11 a.m.] or thereabouts.) Events at Temple Forest Monastery do not require booking; however, those wishing to stay overnight should book in advance. All activities at the monastery are free of charge; that is, there is no fee for attending events or for staying overnight. The daily schedule consists of morning and evening pujas with a Dhamma Talk on Saturday nights. Otherwise anyone is welcome to come for the meal offering any day at 11 a.m. (no booking necessary, though it would be useful to know if you’re coming, especially if you plan to offer food). There is an opportunity for Dhamma discussion with Ajahn Jayanto or another monk after the meal.

Please check our calendar or call beforehand before making the journey, as the monks will be away or unavailable on some days.

Get In Touch

If you’d like to know more about upcoming events, or have any questions about the monastery project or how to get involved, please send us an email or give us a call:

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To check that the monks will be at the monastery on any particular day for the meal or pujas, please check the calendar or call the monastery at (603) 654-2292

How to help

You can find out more about what’s needed or useful on the Contribute page. In addition, for this initial moving-in period the Dana List (list of things the monastery could use) is printed on this page, below.

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Financial Questions

Financial matters are handled by the non-profit organization Jeta Grove:

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Monastery Needs

Some of you have been asking what we need. Indeed, moving in to two empty houses we could use many household things, and there are other items that will be useful longterm. Therefore below is a list with various things we either need or will find useful. There are often a few bigger or more specific items also needed – please feel free to contact the monastery to ask about additional needs.

Dana List:

(Last updated 2014-10-6)

• Prepaid Gift Cards

(Gift Cards from Amazon, or other big stores including Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, REI, etc.) In case this is the easiest or preferred method for some of you, prepaid Gift Cards can be very useful for the monastery. Gift Cards can be offered as donations when visiting the monastery, or emailed to dana@jetagrove.us


List currently being updated ...