A Monastery Takes Shape


Derbyshire Farm – part of the property for sale in Temple, NH (click image to expand)


What’s Happening

In July this year Ajahn Jayanto and Ajahn Anando, two monks from Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, as well as Tan Saddhammo, a monk from Wat Pah Nanachat, plan to take up residence on part of the property in Temple, NH which we hope can be purchased as a site for a monastery in the tradition of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho.

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During the summer of 2013, two monks of the Ajahn Chah tradition – Ajahn Jayanto and Ven. Caganando – were invited to stay in Boston in order to explore the possibilities for establishing a branch monastery of their community in New England.

Interest and support proved high – and the opportunity has now arisen to purchase a beautiful, secluded, yet accessible property eminently suitable for a forest monastery in Temple, New Hampshire (near Peterborough).

Supporters are presently working towards a purchase by contributing funds in the form of donations or pledges of private loans. In the meantime, the monks plan to return to take up residence on the site in summer 2014 – the owners themselves wish to contribute to the project and have reduced the purchase price as well as allowed us to begin by renting part of the site. 

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Visiting the Monastery

Excerpt from the recent update:

We are happy to receive day visitors and overnight guests at the monastery. (The time to come during the day is around the meal-offering time [11 a.m.] or thereabouts.) Events at Temple Forest Monastery do not require booking. However, those wishing to stay overnight need to book in advance. All activities at the monastery are free of charge; that is, there is no fee for attending events or for staying overnight. We should have a schedule similar to last year’s at the vihara: morning and evening pujas with a Dhamma Talk about once a week, probably on Saturday nights. Otherwise anyone is welcome to come for the meal offering any day at 11 a.m. (no booking necessary, though it would be useful to know if you’re coming, especially if you plan to offer food). 

We’ll post confirmation of puja times and meal offering info, Dhamma Talks, etc. on this website over the next week or so. But we expect it will be 5 a.m. morning puja, 11 a.m. meal, and 7 p.m. evening puja, with a talk on Saturday nights. After the meal on any day Ajahn Jayanto or another monk should be available for conversation. There will likely be days when we are not at the monastery, so please check our calendar or call beforehand before making the journey.

Nearby rentals available:

Message from Jeta Grove Foundation: For anyone interested in ‘living next door’ to the initial monastery for a time, the owners have available rental units on Derbyshire farm – next to where they live on part of the overall property. (NOTE: This would be a separate, private arrangement with the owners, unconnected to staying as a guest at the monastery.)
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Get In Touch

If you’d like to know more about upcoming events, or have any questions about the monastery project or how to get involved, please send us an email or give us a call:

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How to help

You can find out more about what’s needed or useful on the Contribute page. In addition, for this initial moving-in period the Dana List (list of things the monastery could use) is printed on this page, below.

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Financial Questions

Financial matters are handled by the non-profit organization Jeta Grove:

Jeta Grove >


Some of you have been asking what we need. Indeed, moving in to two empty houses we could use many household things, and there are other items that will be useful longterm. Therefore here is a list with various things we either need or would find useful:

Dana List:

Amazon Gift Cards (or Gift Cards from other big stores including Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.) – In case this is the easiest or preferred method for some of you, we can use Gift Cards to acquire needed items ourselves; this can be very useful for the monastery. Amazon Gift Cards can be emailed to contact@jetagrove.us

stainless steel shelving units: wire shelving racks (ideally, we could use one heavy-duty extra large 5-foot unit approx. 60”x24x”72” [for example > ], and two 4-foot units approx. 48”x18x”72” [for example > ])

BugZooka (harmless bug catcher)

straw mats (for placing on a carpet in order to eat on the floor, protecting the carpet)

electric kettles

serving trays

small waste baskets

various furniture and carpets, mattresses – we will try to organize this, so please contact us if you have items you want to donate.

folding chairs


surge protectors

upright paper towel dispenser

paper cutter

6 small washtubs – heavy duty

2 or 3 misc. kitchen funnels

hanging lamps

standing lamps

extension cords


rolled gauze

antibacterial cream

calamine lotion

Benadryl allergy tablets

Benadryl anti-itch cream;




Betadine/iodine (small bottles)

rubbing alcohol

tecnu (this is special soap to remove poison ivy oils: example > )

Thermoses (stainless steel)


cat’s paw (6" or 9")

8' step ladder

6' step ladder

garden hose with spray nozzle


mouth wash

inflatable camping mattresses (for example >)

Composting: the monastery is using a special composting method to handle food that can no longer be used, called bokashi – we could use two more bokashi buckets (in grey or blue, ideally), found at this link:

bokashi buckets >

Food Items:

soya milk

fruit juice

coffee mate

fresh ginger