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What’s Happening:

Dec. 23–Jan. 5: reduced schedule

We’re winding things down in preparation for this year’s Winter Retreat (January 5–March 31), and as part of this process the Evening and Morning Pujas from now until Jan. 5 will not necessarily be attended by the monastic community – with the exceptions of the New Moon night of Dec. 28 as well as New Year’s Eve, when there will be Pujas and a Dhamma Talk . People are still welcome to come and sit from 7–8 p.m. as usual with the lay guests at the monastery. 

The daily meal offerings are as usual, and there will be a meditation workshop offered from 1–3 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 25. This will be the last Sunday Workshop until after the Winter Retreat: they will resume taking place every Sunday beginning again on April 2. 

Winter Retreat:  January 5–April 1, 2017

The monastic community will be observing our annual three-month winter retreat from January 5 – April 1, 2017.

During this time the monastery is still open for people wishing to offer food or requisites as usual at the 11 a.m. daily meal, or to sit quietly, or to join the pujas when they are scheduled. However, the monastery will not be accepting overnight guests or responding to non-urgent enquiries until April. Also, it should be noted that the community is practicing “noble silence”, and talking and conversations with the monks and retreat supporters are very limited.

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