Jeta Grove



Steward for the Sangha

Jeta Grove Foundation is a non-profit organization* created to receive and manage funds donated to Temple Forest Monastery; it acts thereby as a “steward” for the monastic community (the ‘sangha’), who are prevented by their rules of training from having legal control over money. Jeta Grove Foundation has no financial resources other than the unsolicited donations offered to the monastery by its supporters.

The Jeta Grove board members are chosen by the monks, and work closely with them to manage expenditures according to the sangha’s needs.

Now that the property for Temple Forest Monastery has been purchased, Jeta Grove is accepting donations in order to pay off a private mortgage and cover the expenses involved in ownership of the site and adapting it to monastic use. 

If you are wondering how to help the monastery financially, there is information and an online facility for donations on the Jeta Grove website:  >


* Jeta Grove is a registered 501(c)(3)