Please be careful not to park in the little lot that is part of the 1 Raymond St. property. Even if they are empty at the time, every spot is owned and used by our neighbors. Instead, you will find parking in several areas very close to the vihara: on the streets to the south of Raymond beginning with Brentwood St. You may also like to know that there is a large parking lot right across Everett Street for the Star Market/Brighton Mills shopping area.


There is parking available at all times on Brentwood St. and all streets south along Everett

Directions to the vihara


The address of the vihara is 

1 Raymond Street, # 1D

Allston (Boston), MA  02134

Please call or email before coming, to check whether someone will be there to greet you.

To come to the vihara by MBTA bus:  Numbers 70, 70A, and 86 from Harvard or Central Square, stop at the corner of Everett Street and Western Avenue. Number 66 runs from Harvard Square on North Harvard Street; its Franklin Street stop is a few blocks from the vihara.

To drive to the vihara:

(1) Using your favorite map or GPS, find your way to the corner of Everett Street and Western Avenue in Allston (a neighborhood of Boston).

(2) Take Everett Street going south from that corner. That is, go away from the Charles River and towards the Mass. Turnpike.

(3) The first street coming in from the left is Raymond Street. As you approach it, you'll see a high white fence around some buildings on the corner. That's the small townhouse complex that the vihara is in. You can enter its courtyard from the gate on Raymond Street. Find number 1D on the right.

Parking on the street:  There is on-street parking on the streets to the south of Raymond Street. That is, on Brentwood, Holton, Aldie, Athol, and the small streets between them. Note that parking is for residents only on Raymond Street and the streets to the north.